About Us

Colonel Allen Lai

Founder MMHTA

Persatuan Pelancungan Sejarah Ketenteraan Malaysia or Malaysia Military History Tourism Association (MMHTA) is a registered tourism association organized by military veterans with the sole purpose to curate and manage Malaysia military history tours.The Objectives of MMHTA are to promote Military History Tourism in Malaysia and to provide job opportunities to Malaysian Citizens and retiring veterans. MMHTA exist to benefit essentially Military and their families.Military Tour Guides and Military Historians are volunteers or Contract for Service staff.

Malaysia has a very rich military history, particularly shared with the United Kingdom and commonwealth countries. Malaysia and Singapore’s military history are one history track until 9 August 1965 when Singapore left Malaysia to be an independent Republic.

MMHTA thank MOTAC and the MTC who had played a major role and guiding the association to provide professional military history tours. MMHTA is also thankful to the personnel caretakers in maintaining and upkeep Malaysia’s military heritage sites.

Malaysia military history tours are curated into packages to meet the requirements of inbound tourists and domestic tourists alike. MMHTA endeavors to fill in this important gap for tourists to experience our military history tours conducted by our military historians and military tour guides.

Our curated packages comprise features to include military history tours , entertainment tours, adventure tours and skills tours. Military historians shall share their personal legacies filled with live stories of gallantry and valour. MMHTA shall also cater to Remembrance Days and Services tours upon request. 

MMHTA shall serve to Lead.