Why MIltours

MMHTA has a myriad of innovative and purposeful tours including Malaysia Military History, Military Adventure, Military Skills and Military Entertainment tours. MMHTA have insider access to military archives providing unmatched authenticity. MMHTA has comprehensive tours and bespoke tours customized upon request, including Remembrance Days and specific tours dedicated to tourists who had personal losses of their relatives during their duties in Malaya. 

Miltours are MMHTA patented and trademarked tours. Miltours or Military History Tours are exclusive tours in Malaysia curated by MMHTA. All the founder members of Miltours are former senior military officers of the Malaysian Armed Forces. MMHTA tours are tours with lots of time to relax and reflect without compromising a high level of professional service and comraderies. Watch clips of Malayan History movies in our tour coaches whilst on the move. There is never a dull moment.

Miltours have exclusive rights and access to all military history sites in Malaysia. Miltours are operated by veterans, most of whom have served in or had attended Malaysia and overseas Military Staff colleges. Miltour guides shall provide unparalleled historical accuracy in the only tourism segment in Malaysia to focus on Malaysia Military history.  Miltour guides have personal experiences and in depth explanations to all the episodes in the tours.

Miltours offers all the significant military history sites not offered by city tours and other segments of Malaysia Tourism, some of these sites are in restricted military camps and former black areas. Tourist on Miltours shall hear memoirs and legacies like no other because Miltours guides often share their first hand experience. They were there and back.

MMHTA military tour guides speaks several international tourist languages including English, Malay, Arabic, Tamil and Chinese dialects. Miltours are sensitive to and are paced for senior citizens, the handicapped and young children alike. All Miltours tours have the full support of the Malaysia Armed Forces and Malaysia Tourism Council.